Engineers Plus is committed to provide high quality consulting engineering design services in a manner which will protect and improve the urban, coastal and marine environment of the surrounding locality. We will work closely with our clients, contractors, community, industry and the Department of Environment and Resource Management to establish the procedures by which our staff can make a positive contribution towards innovative and cost-effective environmental outcomes. Responsible management of environmental issues is an essential part of achieving our business objectives. Accordingly, we are committed to conducting our activities in ways which will: Continually improve our awareness and management of environmental risks and avoid, reduce and control pollution from our operations.

  • Promote the open exchange of environmental information with our clients, customers, suppliers and the community to improve environmental awareness.
  • Comply with environmental legislation, regulation and licence standards for all our operations and environmentally relevant activities.
  • Ensure that environmental best practice is encouraged and integrated into the way we work and do business.
  • Promote waste minimisation, water conservation and energy management within our day to day operations.